How to Enable Chrome Flags?

how to enable flags in chrome

Do you know that Chrome has a bunch of hidden features called flags?

Chrome is always evolving, and new features are coming to it on a regular basis. There are some features that Chrome purposefully hides because either they are experimental, or they don’t serve a purpose for most of the users.

But maybe, there are some features that can be helpful to you. In this post, I will show how you can enable Chrome flags to get access to those features.

How to Enable Chrome Flags?

Enabling the flags in Chrome is super easy. You don’t have to modify code, or install an extension. You just have to visit a special URL in Chrome, look for the flags that you want to enable, enable them, relaunch the browser, and you will have that feature working in your browser.

Now, this is the process with screenshots that you can follow to enable Chrome flags.

Step 1. Visit the special URL

You can see all available flags on one page, where you can also enable or disable them. In order to enable flags, you have to visit flags page by visiting this address in Chrome.


After visiting this special URL, now you can see all the flags available for your system.

how to enable chrome flags 1

chrome://flags is not a WWW URL, and you don’t need an internet connection to open it. Browsers use special URLs to host special pages like settings page, extensions page, and more.

Step 2. Look for the flag

Chrome has all kinds of flags. But you should not enable flags that you don’t know about because enabling a flag can make Chrome behave unexpectedly. All flags have a small description about them that you should read before enabling them. Or you can just search about the flag on internet.

To find a flag, you can just scroll through the list, or you can search for it in the search box.

how to enable chrome flags 2

Flags that are available can vary based on multiple factors like version of Chrome, operating system, hardware, and more.

Step 3. Enable the flag

You will see a select menu alongside with all the flags. This select menu can have two or three options: 1. Enable, 2. Disable, 3: Default.

To enable a flag, you have to select Enable option from the select menu. After enabling the flag, you have to relaunch the Chrome, so the flag can take effect.

how to enable chrome flags 3

After relaunching the Chrome, you can enjoy the new feature.

How to disable a flag?

In order to disable a flag, you have to visit chrome://flags, and then look for the flag that you want to disable. After finding the flag, you have to select Disable option from select menu that is with the flag.

How to reset all changes made using flags?

Go to chrome://flags, and click on Reset all button. After it, relaunch the Chrome and it will reset all changes made using flags.

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